Is BitClub Network Legit or a Ponzi Scheme?

BitClub Network –Overview

Do you wish to make money mining Bitcoins? Is BitClub a scam or a legit way of making money online?

If you want to decide on whether to invest on BitClub, then this article is designed for you. BitClub network is a group of online entrepreneurs who make money with digital currencies including BitCoin. These entrepreneurs make money by investing their money in the mining operations of the cryptocurrency companies. BitClub members are offered a profitable opportunity to participate in various mining operations. This means that you can earn Bitcoins or other digital currencies when you refer people to join and invest in the BitClub network. This BitClub review will provide you with all the information you need to know about this new opportunity.

BitClub Mining as a Profitable Venture

All cryptocurrencies operate on a peer-to-peer network, meaning that you cannot receive or send the digital currency unless you are part of the system. Mining is a terminology used to assign monetary value and verify every transaction.

Cryptocurrency miners employ particular software to solve complex mathematical problems, and in return they earn Bitcoins. The process offers a way of issuing digital currencies and encourages more miners to provide their services.

As Bitcoin is becoming more lucrative and popular, more miners are joining the network, and this makes it hard to solve mathematical problems. In reality, it is tough for individual miners to make money on Bitcoin. This is because you require a lot of computing power for you to mine Bitcoin. This Bitclub Mining review will show you how you can make money by joining the BitClub mining pool.

Essentially BitClub is a mining pool only that the network offers its members an opportunity to take part in various pools. This allows members to make more money than they would in a single cryptocurrency mining pool.

How the BitClub Network works

New members who wish to join this network are required to buy shares from three mining pools. The earning potential and payouts of each pool are independent and may vary depending on the prevailing market conditions. You will get a share of the mining revenue generated from cryptocurrencies

How much do you need to join BitClub Network?

Just like any other form of investment, an initial deposit is required to join the Bitcoin. Part of the deposit will fund the mining operations while the rest will be used to upgrade and maintain the mining equipment.

BitClub Pool Review

There are various mining pools that you can invest in within the BitClub network. Here are cryptocurrency pools that you can invest in as listed below:

Mining pool #1 ($500)

When you buy shares worth $500, you will earn a profit of 50% while the rest will be used to fund
further mining operations.

Mining pool #2 ($1000)

Just like the previous pool, each share will earn a 60% profit, and the rest is used to finance the mining activities and maintain the equipment used to mine.

Mining pool #3 ($2000)

The total earnings of Bitcoin are shared among the members of the network. Each share will earn 70% profit while 30% is used to buy additional shares and mining equipment.


BitClub Network provides a way of earning passive Bitcoin. It gives members a chance to make Bitcoins that have been mined for that specific day. You will be able to earn a percentage of profits realized from the mining operations while the rest will plowed back to the pool. You can also make Bitcoins by referring others to join the network.

But do you know that BitClub is another Ponzi scheme? If you still doubt, then continue reading my honest BitClub review. First, let me say that you can only make money by bringing more people into their network and not by mining Bitcoins as they promise you.

If you can convince people to join the network, then you can make good money. But, if you are not good at networking to forget about making a fortune out of the BitClub network. Knowledge is power. Investing in mining Bitcoins is unwise. If you have been tricked to join the BitClub Network, then you should look for an alternative investment strategy. This article has provided all the information about BitClub network that readers wanted to know.