Should you sell your bitcoin now?

If you are into investments of stocks, share, foreign exchange buying and selling and commodities buying and selling, you could know when is the right time to buy or sell as far as the above are concerned. There are many experts, learning tips and other such sources of information which will help them to take the right decision regarding buying and selling of the above financial products. However, when it comes to bitcoins it may be a bit different. Even the best of financial experts may not be able to throw light as to when to buy and sell bitcoins. Most of the buying and selling is done on speculation and hear say. There is some bit of good luck also involved in buying and selling of bitcoins. In fact there are a few who have been able to hit the jackpot and are sitting with a big windfall. However, these are very rare and very few and far. They are more of an exception rather than a rule. The majority may not have actually made big money when bitcoin zoomed up astronomically only to come crashing down and settling to reasonable limits.

What Is Unique About Bitcoin

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a very recent concept. Therefore it is quite obvious that only very few people have knowledge and information about it. Hence they have very little knowledge about the movements of price of bitcoins as far as the future is concerned. Further the tremendous at which bitcoin appreciates is also something which leaves many overawed. In fact it also could have led many to state of paralysis and this could even have resulted in inaction. It would not be right to say that they do not know what to do. They simply are not able to find the answer to the question when is a good time to sell bitcoin.

Without delving too much into the viability of cryptocurrencies, it would be better to try and find out the ways and means by which investors could find out the exact time frame where it is good to sell bitcoins. There are some classic examples where investors have sold stocks, shares and commodities at the perfect moment and have made windfalls. The same logic could also be applied for bitcoin holders. They could learn more about regret minimization strategy. You must not regret that you sold the bitcoins too early. On the other hand, you also should not shed tears ruing the fact that you held on to the bitcoins much more than what you should have. So what do you do in such a situation?

Taking A Middle Path Could Be A Way Forward

In such confusing and difficult situations where decision making could be paralyzed, you could perhaps look for a middle decision. A good idea would be to hold back 50% of the bitcoins and then hold on to the balance and wait for things to improve even further. You could keep the other half ride. This could be an ideal situation because it could help in a few ways. First and foremost it helps you to locks sufficient wealth and therefore avoid the risk of worries which could impact you for a life-time. Further it also will ensure that you will have with a reasonably rich upside. This is all the more true when you are dealing with cryptocurrencies in its early stages. Further it could help you to avoid a dot com like situations. While this looks improbable dividing your stock of cryptocurrencies will completely rule out such a situation. Hence we are sure this will be able to give the right answer to the question how to know when to sell bitcoin.

Taking inputs from sites like Bitclub Network could be a great way forward. According to some reviews there are reasons to believe that Bitclub Network is using the MLM method to rake in more number of end users. Of course this is backed up by a reputed and time tested cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

What You Should Be Aware Of

There are basically two possibilities as far as bitcoin is concerned. You could either look for 10 fold increase or a 90 percent drop. It would always be better to go in for 10 time increase and once you have reached it, you should not wait any further. You must immediately get into the act and dispose off a sizeable number of bitcoins and not wait for the price to go further. Make hay while the sun shines is something which you must always bear in mind.

Hence at the end of the day there are proven basics which you must bear in mind when you decide to sell bitcoins.