Betcoin Palace is a Bitcoin casino which offers a range of games that you’d expect to see in the average brick-and-mortar casino. However, while it does have a range – including Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Roulette and Slots – there isn’t much else. As a matter of fact, the BetCoin Palace roster for casino games consists of just 6 different games. However, quantity doesn’t mean everything, and those 6 games do mean 6 different ways to gamble your BTC.

While signing up to Betcoin Palace, we found the process to be very smooth. Betcoin Palace offers a 0.04 BTC (40 credit) bonus for signing up and this was instantly credited to us when we logged in, along with the 0.03 BTC (30 credit) bonus that is given for logging in daily. This is quite generous, but obviously the catch is the rollover, which is 10x, which isn’t too bad compared to some other rollovers which could be as high as 20x. As far as we could see, Blackjack and Roulette didn’t count towards the Rollover – this is pretty standard in the gambling industry.

However, the games that Betcoin Palace offer are quite enjoyable. We didn’t notice much lag while playing these games, they ran quite smoothly. Blackjack worked perfectly fine, as did Slots as well as Roulette. The casino offers two ways of gambling for it’s users, one way which is to play for real money by gambling credits – 1 credit being the equivalent of 1 millibit or 0.001 BTC – and the other way being to play for fun, with 5000 “fun points” being provided to the player for their personal entertainment. It was slightly annoying that the casino games would automatically go into full screen when started, but a quick tap of the Escape key fixed that issue so it was more of a minor annoyance than an actual issue. Winning a bet was always satisfying with something marking the fact you won your bet. Another awesome feature is VIP Points, which are gathered over time by betting. Each VIP Point can be converted at a ratio of 1 VIP Point to 0.01 credits.

One distinctive feature that Betcoin Palace does not currently have which other Bitcoin gambling websites do support is some kind of social capability. Even a chatbox would be better than the current lack of means to communicate with other users. It’s evident that Betcoin Palace is for the more serious gambler out there, but a chat functionality would still be a nice touch even if it was optional and could be minimized at any time.  If Betcoin Palace stays up and running, it’s possible that it could become one of the more well-known Bitcoin casinos out there.

Betcoin Palace Review
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  • Great promos
  • Smooth graphics
  • Not many games to choose from currently
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