is a fully featured casino with an attractive range of entertainment options available. In fact, they have five distinct mini casinos within their service. Sports betting and horse race wagers are supported as well. BitBet is far from perfect as it suffers from fairly slow banking and somewhat resource-intensive gaming, but there is plenty to love as well. With over one hundred games, live dealers, and a weekly bonus, you might find yourself having lots of fun.


Before you can jump into gambling, you must first register. While you can not use your browser cookies to sign up instantly, as you can with some gambling services, it is still fairly easy to get an account. A username is automatically generated for you and all you have to do is enter a password, your wallet address, and the answer to a security question. This question is used to safeguard against thieves who might try to change your payout address to their own.

Features and Games

One of the coolest features at BitBet is the live gambling experience. Two of the five mini casinos feature live videos of real dealers. These girls use physical cards and will even participate in a bit of small talk. There are some live roulette wheels and baccarat tables available as well. Not many Bitcoin casinos can boast such a unique, intriguing, and realistic design.

BitBet’s more traditional online games are certainly plenteous and exciting as well. With all five mini casinos combined, there are well over one hundred games from which you can choose. The slots all have rich graphics and feature interesting themes like The Golden Pharaoh, Pirate’s Treasure, and Jurassic Fire Slot.

BitBet's Home Page

BitBet’s Home Page

There is a long list of available video pokers as well. This includes several variations on games like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and more. Not all of these have the same minimum bet, but you can wager as little as 0.05 mBTC in some cases. This extensive variety is perfect for anyone who prefers to gamble specifically for entertainment.


The banking is not nearly as efficient as it is with many other sites. When making a deposit, the casino will not credit your money until the transaction has reached six confirmations on the network. This means it could take an hour or more before you are actually able to begin wagering.

Withdrawals too are a little slow because the staff processes them manually. This means that it can take up to 24 hours for you to cash out your winnings. Those delays are nowhere near ideal, but they might not be a huge hindrance for you either. You should be able to get by with the slower transactions, especially if you like the casino for other reasons. All deposits and withdrawals are subject to a 10 mBTC minimum.

There is one valuable bonus that might help make up a little for the slow transactions. Every single Monday, the casino adds 5% of your previous week’s winnings or losses to your account. This means that if you lose 100 mBTC, you will receive a 5 mBTC reward. If you happen to profit one week, you will still receive a 5% bonus on that amount. This is a really helpful bonus and will allow you keep the gambling going no matter how lucky you are each week.


One minor drawback of the casino is the time it can take for the high quality games to load. Not everything is like this, but the graphics and animations can be a drag in some cases. This might not even affect you if you have a zippy machine, but it is something to think about. This fanciness also means that the games are not very portable and most likely will not run on your mobile device.

The casino also lacks fair provability, which is essential to many in the Bitcoin community. The casino appears professional and legitimate, so it is more likely that they are not cheating anyone out of their money, but this cannot be proven. It would be better if we could see random client and server seeds that are hashed in a way that is clearly explained. Many Bitcoin services provide this information, but BitBet does not.


It would be hard to say that BitBet is the best in any way. There are plenty of casinos that offer similar or even identical games but include more bonus features, more ease of use, more efficiency, and fewer drawbacks. Despite this, it might still be worth your time. The live dealers are quite interesting and the 5% bonus will help you squeeze a little more entertainment out of your BTC. Best of all, there are so many games available that you are sure to find something that you love.

BitBet Review is a Bitcoin casino offering over 100 games, some of them supporting live dealers. There is also a sportsbook and racebook.
Customer Support
Financial Security
Player Traffic
  • Live dealers
  • Many games
  • 5% weekly bonus
  • Slow banking
  • No mobile accessibility
  • Fairness cannot be proven
4.6Overall Score
Reader Rating: (18 Votes)

6 Responses

  1. Johannus C.

    Very bad people. They just zeroed my blance without notification / explanation!
    No reply at all. Put your bitcoins in and never get them back!
    Smells like a scam to me!

    • Support

      Hi Johannus C. Please contact us at commissionpartners (at) to follow up on your claim for BitBet. We are here to assist in anyway possible. Thank you.

  2. Tristan

    The slot machines are so addictive… and the graphics are more realistic than one would expect. It’s a nice casino for sure.

  3. Nicolai


    I made a deposit on on the 18/2 2014

    0.16btc - and i won 2.025btc that was a super investment i made a withdrawl right away ! and thought it would be no withdrawl issues. ! !

    But ofc there was my withdrwal is delayd for 1month now ! and still nothing happening !? they said that it would be transferd right away the 20/3 2014

    Still Nothing ???

    Im starting too think they are Scammers ! Seriously what can i do too get some help on this problem… Thanks

    Hope you understand my issue..

    • chris

      I think they are a scam. i requested a cashout days ago, and submitted multiple status inquiries. I have not been contacted. Their telephone support system seems intentionally contradictory, where one menu advises they are open on Sundays to provide support, but then you are either disconnected or if you hit a choice, you are prompted to leave a message.

      If not a scam, then they are at best the least professional business i have attempted to interact with in a long time.

      Either way, i think if you deposit here, you can expect to be frustrated. Like Me.

      • chris

        Just to follow up, here is a chat transcript from well over a week ago regarding my cashout request. since then, their support dept has not been live, and i still have not been contacted. stay away. and to the owner of this site, you are giving a scam site a 4.6 star rating. Are you in on the scam?

        Chris: BITBET.COM CHAT REQUEST Hello. I am for the 3rd time requesting status of cashout request for ID BITXXXXXXX. Thanks

        You are now speaking with Carolina of Payouts Questions.

        Chris: hello.

        Carolina: Hi Chris!
        Chris: hows your day going?

        Carolina: Good Chris! Thanks for asking!
        Chris: i requested a cashout a week ago, perhaps longer now. i thought the expected wait was to be around 24 hours. im just concerned. reading a lot of negative stuff, and this being my first cashout attempt, you kind of want that to go smoothly to build up trust.

        Carolina: Ok sir let me check
        Carolina: Ok Chris
        , I passed your information to my supervisor, and she goes to commission for resolving.
        Just be ready to have your information, we will be sending a confirmation.
        We will give you as soon as possible the payout.

        Chris: is there an explanation for the delay?

        Chris: and i don’t understand why i would not receive any kind of confirmation to my email immediately upon requesting the cashout

        Carolina: Yes sir,
        we have delays with Bitcoins, but we will prioritize you to have the information as soon as possible

        Chris: What am i confirming in the confirmation?

        Chris: or are you confirming my cashout?

        Carolina: That
        has already processed your payout

        Chris: i see. so, everyone lately has been experiencing delays due to issues with bitcoins?

        Carolina: There are enough in the process
        Chris: ok. thanks for your time. i hope to see a successful cashout so that trust is established. as of now, im still worried.

        Carolina: Your welcome sir
        Carolina: Have a good day!

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