has acquired popular Bitcoin gaming websites,, and Terms of the deal were not disclosed. has been operating since May 2013, when it emerged as a promising Bitcoin-only betting establishment with unique, irrefutably-fair games. A complete sportsbook is also built into the website. The games currently offered are Blackjack, Video Poker, Hi-Lo, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Bit777, which was designed by Ultraplay Ltd., offers more than 50+ flash-based games. It has taken in more than 1 million bets so far.

Peerbet, which is a popular Bitcoin community-based betting website is most well known for its raffles. It also features dice, chat, a proprietary wheel and more.

A side-shoot of Peerbet, Peerdice is a new, unique community-style competitive dice game with merely a 0.3% house edge. On the website, betters choose rolls and gamble against each other. has already supported more than 250,000 P2P games since its launch on February 1st. started its acquisition spree from a purchase on Havelock Investments in December last year. Since then, the company has been in talks with different Bitcoin gaming operators, including Ultraplay, in search of a deal promising to all involved parties. The acquisition of Bit777/Peerbet makes a great decision because it brings attention of more than 15,000 registered users on Bit777/Peerbet to

It should be noted here that Ultraplay will be assisting in running the operations of the websites for the foreseeable future, and Bit777/Peerbet players will not experience any immediate impact.

According to Havelock Investments, plans to merge several of the features “and functionalities between the various sites over the next 6 months to build the largest and best Bitcoin gaming network around.”

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  1. Todd

    Maybe this change of ownership is why the peerbet site is not working then. I was afraid it was hacked.

    I tried to log in but am not able and now it seems the server cannot be found.

    I hope you folks can get the site back up soon.

    • Tristan

      I think it only went down when they changed the ownership. I tested it and it was working yesterday evening as well as the day before yesterday.

  2. Sumon

    That’s a great post. I have learning good thing from this post. Thanks for posting.


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