Bitcoin Reviewer is to provide the most unbiased reviews and accurate information to our readers, so they can make the right decisions when selecting an online Bitcoin casino.

We use a unique rating system, which allows users to quickly determine the pros and cons of any Bitcoin gambling site we’ve reviewed. In addition, users can leave their own ratings, which can help to determine the popularity of a site within the Bitcoin community.

We grade sites on a scale of 0 to 5, using the following criteria:


Software ratings are given not only for a site’s design, but also for its functionality. We look for sites that have features that make gambling more convenient, and enjoyable. Provably fair Bitcoin gambling sites can earn bonus points in this category. Stars are deducted for sites with software that is difficult to use, or does not work as intended.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any Bitcoin gambling site. Sites will be rated on the response time, experience, and effectiveness of their customer support.

Financial Security

For a gambling site to succeed, players must feel confident enough to deposit their Bitcoins into the site. The rating for this category will be based on the site’s security measures to protect user funds, and history with successful withdrawals. Valid player complaints concerning withdrawals, and financial security may result in a site losing rating points.

Player Traffic

The number of players online on any Bitcoin gambling site can be a deciding factor when choosing which site to play on. A high amount of player traffic is essential, when it comes to games like poker. For other sites, a large player base can be a good indicator of the site’s popularity.


Rakeback, giveaways, and bonuses are things that Bitcoin gamblers may actively look for. Sites will be graded on the frequency and scale of their promotions.