CasinoWebScripts is an online casino software and casino games development company, which focuses most of their efforts in bringing top quality products to the online casino industry, while offering their clients a decisive alternative to the existing market offerings: the possibility to start an online casino without having to pay any monthly fees.

When asked why the company does not charge monthly fees, a spokesperson for CasinoWebScripts said, “Paying monthly fees is like paying rent for a product that you will be using for a while. If you take a better look at the monthly-fees systems, you will see that the more money you invest in the marketing of your casino and the more profit you make, the more taxes you will have to pay to the developer. However, paying more fees doesn’t always result in a better website.

A good casino would end paying over 50,000 EUR per year to the developer as monthly revenue shares. That money can be used in better ways by the casino owner, like reinvesting it in marketing or in new games. Gambling companies are investments that should be built to last for years, and all operators should view their business as a long-term one. Imagine how much money you’d pay in a few years in monthly fees.

We offer an alternative to the monthly fee system, so that our clients can have time to manage their business with patience and not be stressed by the fact that they must pay a monthly fee. We give our clients the opportunity to own the products that they pay for, host them on their servers, and not have to pay any rent or revenue for using them. They can use them for as long as they please, and our products come with lifetime support! This way, all the efforts that the client will put into the marketing and image of his casino, will bring him profits that he can keep and manage the way he desires.”

CasinoWebScripts has developed over 200 casino games in 4 years of existence, and kept their best 130 titles available in their catalogue. Many of their products have been reworked and dramatically improved, since they started their company in 2010. Recently the company’s main focus has been on quality. Some of the games they have created are real masterpieces.

The software offered by the company comes with many security implementations and important management features such as:

  • Gameplay logging tool to allow the casino operator to view in his administrator panel the history and details of each game that has been completed, and be able to simulate it
  • Multiple security implementations that prevent multiple users to login from same account and a notification tool that will require email confirmation each time the IP of the user changes, to prevent account theft
  • Withdrawal alerts have been implemented in the administrator panel to prevent money laundering
  • Statistics that allow the operator to see user data such as: deposits, withdrawals, gameplays, most played game, total amount of time spent at the casino, profit generated, jackpots hit and more have been made available inside the administrator panel

Also, users can take advantage of a complex bonus systems, a VIP points reward system, and many other important benefits and promotions.

As of 24 March 2014, the products offered by this company have been reviewed and certified by iTechLabs, one of the most reputable iGaming testing laboratories. This means that the games developed by CasinoWebScripts and the RNG of their software match the latest gaming standards and are compatible to run in any casino, licensed anywhere in the world.

Since October 2013, CasinoWebScripts have made available their products for the bitcoin market and they have also created a discounted package which they call “Bitcoin Starter Package”, for operators interested in having an online bitcoin casino at an affordable price. Their products can be used not only with bitcoin, but also with other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, lottocoin, netcoin, etc.

CasinoWebScripts releases new quality games every month and allows its customers to upgrade from a bitcoin-only gambling website to a real money licensed one at any time, without any extra costs.

CasinoWebScripts reviews have placed this company on top choices for many online casinos, mostly due to their no monthly fees policy, lifetime support and the infinite possibilities of customizations of their products.

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